5 Sites To Submit Your Blog To Today

Building backlinks and getting traffic to your site has become increasingly difficult over the years. With a majority of links being “nofollow”, bloggers rely on social media, blog commenting, email outreach, or traditional media coverage to build high-quality backlinks.

In order to have others mention your post in their post, they have to first be able to find you. While social media gives an opportunity to share a post link, it is often difficult to break through the noise without inundating your audience.

Social bookmarking sites used to be an extremely popular way to promote your posts in one central location. We are seeing this trend reemerge. Sites like Bloglovin or Linktree in particular are being used to organize content that bloggers want to continually promote. It has become commonplace for companies, entrepreneurs, and bloggers alike to use sites like Linktree on their social media profiles to highlight the best or newest content they want their audience to see.

Below Are 5 Sites To Submit Your Blog Post To Today:






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