Building backlinks and getting traffic to your site has become increasingly difficult over the years. With a majority of links being “nofollow”, bloggers rely on social media, blog commenting, email outreach, or traditional media coverage to build high-quality backlinks.

In order to have others mention your post in their post, they have to first be able to find you. While social media gives an opportunity to share a post link, it is often difficult to break through the noise without inundating your audience.

Social bookmarking sites used to be an extremely popular way to promote your posts in one central…

WireGuard is open-source VPN software that runs on a variety of operating systems, including Linux, Windows 10, OSX, iOS, and Android.

This guide assumes you are using Windows 10 and WireGuard to connect to a VPN server such as AlgoVPN. If you are using Android or iOS, simply download and install the app. The mobile version of the WireGaurd client will ask for a QR code that can be found with the key pairs generated by AlgoVPN. If you are not using AlgoVPN you will likely need to request the QR code from your IT department or VPN service provider.

How To Install Wireguard:

AlgoVPN easily facilitates a secure, encrypted tunnel between a client and a VPN server. One AlgoVPN setup can handle all of your devices, including, Windows, Linux, OSX, Android, and iOS. You will need to install and configure Wireguard on all your devices once AlgoVPN is configured.

A VPN connection is a secure tunnel between your device and your server. All unencrypted traffic is encrypted before being sent through the tunnel. When it arrives at the VPN server it is routed so all requests are returned back to you through the encrypted tunnel.

There are many uses for a VPN connection…

Knowing how to use Git to manage your code is an essential skill to have these days. Sharing and collaborating with others is a great way to build a big project, and to have your code looked at by thousands of debuggers. The commands below show how to set up Git, set up a repository, and push files to it remotely.

sudo su
apt-get update
apt-get install git

Navigate to the Directory you want to use with Git

git init
git add .
git commit -m "initial commit"

Go to github, login, and copy the URL for your project, then paste is customize the command below.

git remote add origin remote -v#If origin URL is wrong you can change it with:
#git remote set-url origin
git push -f origin master

This is a guide to creating self-signed SSL certificates using OpenSSL on Linux. It provides an easy “cut and paste” code that you will need to generate your first RSA key pair. After creating your first set of keys, you should have the confidence to create certificates for a variety of situations. RSA keys are used everywhere these days and knowing how to generate them is an essential skill to possess for system admins, and an easy procedure for the hobbyist to pick up.

SSL certificates are used by many protocols and services, ranging from HTTPS to VPN. No matter…

The iDRAC is a Dell remote access controller. This controller allows for remote power cycling, and a virtual console with keyboard, video, and mouse. It also provides a number of ways to roll out an operating system or VMware.

The initial client set up for the virtual console requires that Java is installed properly. This can provide a challenge on some machines and is outside the scope of this guide. Make sure that Java is installed on your local machine and your browser is configured.

This guide was made using an iDRAC6, but the concepts should apply to other models…

Rainforest API is an alternative to the Amazon Product API provided to Amazon Associates. If you are thinking of building shopping comparison sites with Amazon links and you don’t have an API key, or if you want to build a lot of pages very quickly without limitation, using Rainforest API is the answer. If you are serious about earning money as an Amazon Affiliate and want to make thousands of pages, do yourself a favor and start the project off right. Amazon’s API limit is tied to your revenue and number of calls. The last thing you need is Amazon…

Painted With House&Canvas Jameson Blue and Walnut Wax.
Painted With House&Canvas Jameson Blue and Walnut Wax.
Jamesson Blue With Walnut Wax (House&Canvas).

It’s no secret that life is getting more expensive in most of the western world. Those of us who are fortunate enough to own a home or rent an apartment know how much it costs to make the place we live livable.

Chalk finish paint is one of the few products to come out over the last few decades that has lowered the cost of enhancing home decor. Over 9 million tons of furniture gets deposited into our landfills every year. Some of this waste is necissary, but much of it is a matter of changing tastes. … Deepfake

Artificial Intelligence is a real thing. The building blocks are readily available to anyone who can afford to rent GPU power and string together Python code. As technology advances and it becomes easier to manipulate the human form with AI, will Hollywood continue to exist? Will this new art form be distributed in a more democratic fashion? Or will Hollywood maintain its grasp on the film industry ?

The news cycle is full of stories about AI, paticularly since the inaguration of President Trump. …

Some entrepreneurs are born, others are made. Sometimes an entrepreneur simply needs someone to help them focus their genius.

Cait lived on a hundred acre farm with her two kids and husband back in 2011. Like many people with small kids, she began searching for something to do to other than changing diapers and listening to children's songs.

She started a small “Craigslist” business selling custom tutu’s. As an artist who went to college for design, she found the work somewhat fulfilling. The tutu orders kept coming in and she kept making them. She expanded her sales to Facebook and was inundated with orders.

During this time she started a diy blog to document and demonstrate what she was…

Ryan Geddes

Entrepreneur, Writer, Digital Strategist.

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