How To Install AlgoVPN On Ubuntu 18.04

AlgoVPN easily facilitates a secure, encrypted tunnel between a client and a VPN server. One AlgoVPN setup can handle all of your devices, including, Windows, Linux, OSX, Android, and iOS. You will need to install and configure Wireguard on all your devices once AlgoVPN is configured.

A VPN connection is a secure tunnel between your device and your server. All unencrypted traffic is encrypted before being sent through the tunnel. When it arrives at the VPN server it is routed so all requests are returned back to you through the encrypted tunnel.

There are many uses for a VPN connection. An American working in France might use a USA based VPN to access Netflix, Hulu, or watch NFL football that is otherwise “blacked out”.

The most common reason for using a VPN is privacy. A VPN does not provide anonymity — it redirects your traffic so that all requests point back to your server, not your local IP. Your ISP can see a secure encrypted tunnel to your servers IP, but that’s all they can see. Without a VPN your ISP can see all of your DNS requests and unencrypted data. Companies can target you with behavioral-based advertising, and hackers can infiltrate your ISP to gain access to your personal information.

With AlgoVPN, only you know where your encrypted tunnel ends. As far as your ISP is concerned, they see a tunnel to an endpoint, but they can’t see anything more. If you use a cloud provider like Vultr or Digital Ocean, you can destroy and create VPN instances as much as you want — making it almost impossible for your ISP or anyone else, to know your true identity and location.

VPN services offer many of the benefits of running AlgoVPN, but you share IP’s with other people who use the VPN service. This leads to slow downloads, and can also put you in the position where the VPN provider is selling your personal information. Using an IP address that was likely used by someone else could leave you banned from certain sites, or worse — getting a warning for something you didn’t do. By creating your own VPN, you are the administrator of the server, you are the person who decides whether to hand over server logs or not, and your service provider has no clue you are using the server for VPN (unless you get a complaint). In which case, you can simply destroy the instance and make a new one.

To get started, set up a new cloud instance or server running Ubuntu 18.04. The commands below will work if you “copy and paste” them on a clean server with no errors. The only input you will need is the IP address of the server — which is explained below.

How To Install AlgoVPN :

Proceed to the How To Install And Use Wireguard page.

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